What Are The Advantages Of Using Partially Threaded Hex Head Bolts?

Posted on: 6 January 2022

Hex head bolts are easy to install and remove. Their six-sided top head makes them particularly useful when you have to put a bolt into a hard-to-reach space. You don't have to rely on getting a screwdriver into a difficult position but can use a socket, wrench, spanner, or key to get the access you need.

However, before you start using hex head bolts on your products, you need to decide whether or not to use fully or partially threaded products. In some cases, partial threads are a better solution. How do these bolts work? What are the benefits of using them?

What Is A Partial Threaded Hex Head Bolt?

A fully-threaded hex head bolt has threading all along its shaft. The threading starts under the head and continues down to the end of the bolt.

However, the threading on a partially threaded bolt starts way under the head. These bolts have a plain and smooth surface directly under the head while the rest of the shaft is threaded.

Why Use Partially Threaded Hex Head Bolts?

While fully threaded hex bolts give you a strong connecting solution, there are times when these bolts aren't an ideal fit. For example, if your bolts will be exposed to significant stress from two different types of material, then a bolt with a full thread might not be able to cope. The threads all along the shaft can create potential shearing weak spots. If a bolt has to hold together two pieces of material which might move in opposing directions or vibrate with some force, then it might snap or break under the pressure.

If you use a partially threaded hex head bolt, then shearing is less of a problem. The unthreaded part of the bolt gives it extra strength against shearing movements. This part of the bolt has better resistance and strength.

Partially threaded bolts also give you a more precise alignment fit. The unthreaded part of the bolt, also known as the grip length, comes in different sizes. If you choose the right grip length, then you can install fasteners with an exact and secure fit for your application. The threaded part of the bolt pulls the unthreaded part into its hole and holds it firmly in place. It is less likely to move or bend when compared to fully threaded alternatives.

To find the right hex head bolts for your products, contact nut and bolt suppliers.


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