Five Safety Mistakes You Need To Avoid In Industrial Boiler Operations

Posted on: 7 November 2017

The boiler is an important piece of equipment for just about any type of industrial operation. However, boiler operation can also entail some safety issues that need to be carefully managed to ensure a safe facility. 

The following are five safety mistakes you need to avoid to ensure safe and secure boiler operations:

Failing to keep a detailed log of all boiler operations

Keeping a log of boiler operations helps you to track boiler maintenance and stay on top of any malfunctions that are developing in your boiler. With a detailed boiler log, it will be easier to determine what the issue is and what service needs to be performed on your boiler if it starts to malfunction or display some efficiency issues. 

Keeping a boiler room that contains too much clutter

At many industrial facilities, the boiler room often becomes used as a storage room over time. This is a bad idea because a boiler will heat up when it's operating and create a fire hazard if it's surrounded by clutter.

Try to keep nothing but your boiler in your boiler room. Clean the boiler room regularly and inspect the room for proper air circulation to prevent the buildup of harmful levels of carbon monoxide gas. 

Not training employees in how to react to emergencies in the boiler room

While you're obviously hoping that you avoid emergencies entirely, you can minimize their damage and consequences if you offer employees adequate training. Boiler room emergencies can happen from a variety of causes including overheating and carbon monoxide buildup.

Make sure you educate your workers on the risks and how to stay on top of warning signs of a developing safety problem. 

Neglecting to keep safety equipment available for boiler equipment maintenance and emergencies

Proper boiler maintenance and usage need to be carried out with safety equipment like hard hats, goggles, and fire extinguishers handy. Make sure such equipment is available in or near your boiler room.  

Having new equipment installed and not carefully observing its operation in the days immediately following installation

On occasion, you may need to have new parts and equipment pieces installed in your boiler room. New equipment installations could potentially lead to an increased risk of malfunctions or safety hazards until you're sure that the installation was carried out properly and the new equipment pieces are compatible with your current boiler setup. 

It's always important to carefully observe your boiler in the days immediately following the installation of new equipment pieces. 


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