Repairing Your Concrete

Posted on: 26 September 2017

Concrete is an amazing material, and there are many different industries that use concrete. One of the most common uses for concrete is for paving. The reason that concrete is used for paving is that it is extremely durable and hard. However, over a long period of time, the earth foundation that the concrete is laid on can start to settle. When settling occurs the slab of concrete can actually crack and start to fall apart. There are a few different things that you can do to help keep the concrete in tact. Here are a few steps that you can take to fix your concrete slab:

Patch Cement

If the cracking is not very bad then you can go to your local home improvement store and get ready to mix concrete that you can put into the cracks or the part of the concrete that is starting to fall apart. This will take a little bit of work on your part, and if you do not have the right tools it can be difficult. However, even with a wheelbarrow and a hoe you can mix the concrete to a good consistency and fill in the cracks and the hole.

Slab Jacking

One of the most effective ways to fix concrete slabs that have been seriously damaged is by slab jacking. This is where there is a pump full of concrete and sand that is pumped under the slab of concrete. The new cement and sand mixture acts as a new foundation and has enough power to actually lift up any of the falling concrete. The concrete is lifted up and then the cracks are actually filled from the bottom up. This is an extremely effective way to fix the concrete slab that may have fallen in over years of service.


Unfortunately not all concrete slabs can be fixed. There are times when the entire concrete slab will need to be replaced. The best thing about replacing the concrete slab is that you be able to re-tamp and solidify the foundation. You will also know that the concrete slab that you put down will last an extremely long time. You will also have the choice of how to finish the concrete and if you would like to put any additives into the concrete such as fiber to give it a little bit extra strength. Concrete is a great material to work with, and in most cases can be repaired, but for those rare occasions, complete replacement is a great way to go. 

Contact a slab lifting company for more information and assistance. 


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