More Than Copiers And Fax Machines: Other Products By Brother

Posted on: 21 July 2017

Many people know that Brother makes copiers, fax machines, printers and office equipment. What you may not know are the Brother products made for manufacturing. People are often surprised by Brother's industrial line-up, but it may be useful information to your particular industry. Here are just some of the other products the company makes and distributes around the world for manufacturing purposes.

Industrial Garment Printers

All of those graphic tees, painted clothes, and promo wear that people buy are often imprinted on one of these machines. You load the digital design and select the colors and size of the print on the computer screen built into the machine. Then you load the clothing item to be printed. Within minutes the design is transferred to the clothing item, and the operator of the machine removes the item and loads the next piece of clothing to repeat the printing process.

High-Tech, Hands-Free Embroidery and Sewing Machines

While at-home seamstresses and tailors can also buy these machines, they are much more likely to be purchased by factory clothiers. Every machine is capable of being switched to full automation, removing the possibility of human error and damage too the product. There is an attachment for every one of the sewing and embroidery machines that allows you to place a small tablet with design software into the machine. Program what you want the machine to do, insert the fabric, and press "go." The machine takes over and then beeps and stops when the tasks are complete!

Postal Label Machines

You may be thinking, "Postal labels? So what?" What you are missing is the fact that not only do these label machines create shipping labels, but they also generate shipping information, which is directly sent to the shipping company you have chosen. Imagine having all of your products completely ready to go, and ready for pickup without having to purchase the shipping and wait for the shipper to place postage on everything.

Head-Mounted, HD Viewfinder

Taking photos and finding the perfect view for video got a lot easier when Brother created this device. A head-mount keeps the hands-free viewfinder scope directly in front of the camera person's eye, letting him or her scope things out all around. The information is transferred to a hand-held device so that the user can record the perfect shot lined up, and return to it when he/she is ready to shoot the scene or photo. It can help you scope out the next place to shoot a commercial or the next location to build your new factory.

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