Ensuring Air Quality In Your Fruit Warehouse

Posted on: 25 June 2017

Fruits can only be harvested during specific times each year. In order to ensure consumers have access to fruit throughout the year, excess produce is stored in large warehouses where it can be kept fresh until being shipped to markets across the United States.

Many considerations must be made when it comes to controlling the quality of stored fruit, but few considerations can have as powerful an impact on the quality of the air inside the warehouse.

Here are three things that you should be looking for in an air filtration system to ensure the quality of the air inside your fruit warehouse in the future:

1. The ability to reduce ethylene gas.

In order to ensure that fruit stored in a warehouse setting doesn't deteriorate while waiting to be shipped to grocery markets, these stored fruits should not be allowed to ripen. Ethylene gas is actually a hormone that plays a critical role in the ripening of various fruit varieties.

As fruits begin to ripen, ethylene gas will be emitted. Exposure to this released ethylene gas will cause other fruit in the area to begin ripening as well. By installing an industrial air filtration system that removes ethylene gas from your warehouse, you will be able to stave off the ripening process until you are ready to ship your fruit to market.

2. The ability to destroy harmful organisms.

Storing fruit for an extended period of time means that the fruit will be susceptible to disease. Organisms that can be found in the air have the potential to wreak havoc on stored fruit.

In order to ensure that your warehouse adheres to food safety standards, you need an industrial air filtration system that can destroy harmful organisms before they affect your stored fruit. Look for a filtration system with the ability to eradicate bacteria, mold and other fungus spores, and viruses.

3. The ability to filter out volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

VOCs are found in higher concentrations in indoor air. These compounds are emitted from the fruits that are stored in your warehouse and can build up to toxic levels inside your warehouse if not filtered out by a powerful industrial air filtration system.

Exposure to VOCs will not only compromise the quality of your stored fruit, but it could lead to serious health problems for your employees as well.

Being able to install an efficient and effective industrial air filtration system will help you ensure the air inside your fruit warehouse doesn't contribute to produce damage in the future.

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