Hydraulic Pump Rebuilds

Posted on: 22 May 2020

From tractors and big trucks to heavy equipment pieces, you can find hydraulic pumps on a lot of different machines. These ingenious machines are capable of supplying an astounding amount of lifting power or pressure because of its unique design. However, hydraulic pumps are not infinite, and they do frequently have to be replaced or rebuilt. Rebuilding is usually the first preference. Take a look at some of the questions you may have about rebuilding a hydraulic pump. 

Is it better to replace or rebuild a hydraulic pump?

In a lot of cases, it does make a lot more financial sense to have the pump rebuilt. However, this is only the case if the primary outer parts and main functional components are still in good shape. Otherwise, it costs too much to replace all the damaged components. The average cost for a new ABS hydraulic pump, for example, is $1,897 and $1,957, and a rebuild could be substantially lower. 

What is replaced in a hydraulic pump during a rebuild?

In most hydraulic pump rebuilds, the seals and bearings are replaced at the least, but the number of components replaced just depends on what each individual component looks like when it comes to wear and tear. It is not uncommon for the filter to be replaced during a rebuilt, and the internal surface of the pump itself may need to be refinished.

Is a rebuilt hydraulic pump like new when finished?

To some extent, yes. Once the primary operational components have been refinished or replaced, you pretty much have a pump that can last just as long as a new replacement pump. Of course, the extent of the rebuild compared to the original condition of the pump will have a lot to do with after-rebuild longevity as well. 

How do you know when a hydraulic pump needs to be rebuilt?

There tend to be a few telltale signs that a hydraulic pump needs to be rebuilt. For one, if you have constant problems with losing pressure due to low hydraulic oil levels, this means the seals are likely leaking and need to be replaced. Secondly, a hydraulic pump may need to be rebuilt if it simply will not hold any kind of stable pressure but is showing no signs of leaking oil. This tends to happen when the bearings break down inside the pump or when there are surface imperfections preventing the free movement of the pump. 

For more information on hydraulic pump rebuilds, reach out to a local auto shop.


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