Why Your Company Needs Custom Boxes For Delivering Your Products

Posted on: 30 November 2018

If your company sells products that are delivered to your customers' homes, then you need custom boxes for packaging. Boxes can be custom made by size, shape, and by having your logo and text applied. Here's why custom boxes are important for good customer service as well as brand recognition.

Custom Boxes Advertise Your Brand 

You have to buy boxes anyway, so you should consider having them customized for your company or brand. Boxes can have a logo and company name applied, and they can even be made in your company colors. As your boxes go through the delivery process, they advertise for you. If you deliver in plain brown boxes, you lose the chance to advertise your products and familiarize the public with your brand.

Custom Boxes Protect Your Product

A box that's built for your product will protect it much better than placing your item in a big box and stuffing the box with air pillows. A custom box is the right size, and it can have cells inside that hold the item in place if necessary. This attention to packaging helps your product reach your customers without being damaged. This is an added bonus when it comes to customer service and keeping customers happy with your products. If your items arrive damaged, customers aren't as likely to reorder in the future if the packaging is to blame.

Custom Boxes Are More Professional

A product delivered in a box that's the right size and fit makes your company look more professional. When your items are buried in newspaper or air pillows in a big box, it doesn't make as good of an impression on your customers. When you sell online or through mail order, getting repeat orders is vital for your business. You don't want your packaging to look cheap or be annoying; it should enhance the customer experience by looking professionally done and by being easy to open.

Custom boxes can be made in different ways, so working with a designer gets you the best box at a price that fits your budget. You don't have to spend a lot of money to impress your customers. A simple logo is an improvement over a bare brown box. However, if you have a big budget for packaging, you can create boxes that wow your customers and draw attention to your brand. The money you spend on custom boxes is not wasted or frivolous because the boxes act as mobile ads and they may help you get reorders and increased business.


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