Get the Most from Your Powder Coating Application

Posted on: 18 October 2018

Powder coating is a useful finishing tool and is widely popular because of its long-term benefits. However, while a powder coating application can yield plenty of advantages, there are certain measures that can prolong the life of the application. Learn about these measures to protect your finished pieces.

Proper Application

How long a powder coating will last has everything to do with how it is applied. If the coating is not applied correctly, it's more likely to crack or peel. Once this occurs, the metal layer will be exposed to the air, which can cause it to corrode. 

There are plenty of options available for do-it-yourself (DIY) powder coating, but there are specific steps that you miss without a certain level of professional expertise. For instance, before a piece of metal has a coating applied, it's essential to remove any rust beforehand. If the coating is applied to the rust, it will not last and will eventually flake off. 

Environmental Concerns

Regularly monitor the environment in which you use the powder coated metal to keep it in better condition for a longer time. The environmental conditions in which the powder-coated metals are used will also play a role in how long the coating lasts. For instance, exposure to high temperatures can cause a reaction that can strip the powder coated layer and expose the metal surfaces. 

A similar scenario can occur if the powder coating is exposed to certain chemicals, especially those chemicals that contain methanol elements. You may not be able to make modifications to the environment where you operate, but keep in mind that you may need to perform maintenance more often.


A professional application goes a long way; however, it does have its limits. Keep in mind that the more you use your powder coated materials, the more wear and tear they receive. Wear and tear will cause the coating to slowly wear away. As more wear occurs, there is a greater risk of rust or other damage to the metal. 

It's helpful to have the surface recoated with the powder coating for the best long-term result. How often you need to invest in reapplication depends a lot on wear, as items that are used more frequently will need to be recoated more regularly. 

Take the appropriate measures to get the most from your powder coating application. With your effort, you'll get more from your investment. For assistance, contact a company like Tri-State Fabricators Inc.


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