3 Tips To Save Money On Your Commercial Heating Bill

Posted on: 17 September 2018

If you are a business owner and you own the property your business runs out of, you obviously are going to be interested in doing everything you can to lower your daily operation bill. One area that might be costing you too much money month after month is your commercial heating bill. If your building is expansive, you might be wasting money every month thanks to an inefficient HVAC system. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you'd like to lower your commercial heating costs.

1. Look Into Upgrading Your Current System

If the building you run your business out of was already standing when you moved in, try and figure out the exact age of the building and any HVAC system you currently have installed. If the building is old enough, it might not be using energy-friendly heating and cooling. While installing a brand-new system will cost money, you could intentionally seek out Energy Star-compliant parts that will help you save money on your heating bill month after month. Over time, the savings will add up and recoup your original investment and then some.

2. Close Vents and Seal Leaks

If your building has multiple rooms or floors that do not see frequent use, it's time to walk the entire building and think about closing a vent or two in an underused room. You can always open the vent back up if you know the room will be used on a future date. While you're at it, take a look at the air ducts located throughout your building and make sure that all are properly sealed. Doing these two things will ensure that your heating system is not wasting hot air and is running as efficiently as possible.

3. Get a Full Inspection

Once you have your energy efficient HVAC system set up, don't lose the number for your local heating pro. A regular inspection of your entire HVAC system at least once a year can help ensure that things continue to run smoothly and efficiently and can help you discover potential problems before they worsen and turn into a large repair bill.

If your commercial heating bill has steam coming out of your ears, take a closer look at the efficiency of your current system and the current setup for vents and air ducts. Make any adjustments as needed and contact a commercial heating professional to schedule regular maintenance work from this day forward.

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