A Drop Deck Trailer Makes It Possible To Transport Heavy And Large Freight

Posted on: 25 June 2018

When you have to move large industrial supplies or construction equipment around, it's important to match your freight to the type of truck you hire. In the case of very large or tall items, a drop deck trailer could be what you need. A drop deck trailer has a unique shape that allows it to haul freight not suitable for other trailers. Here's why one of these trailers is a good match for heavy and large loads.

A Drop Deck Trailer Is Easier To Load

A drop deck trailer has two levels. One is longer and lower than the other. The lower level is at the back, which makes it easier to load and unload the freight. It might be possible to use a forklift safely rather than bring in a crane since your equipment is lower to the ground. A drop deck trailer has no sides or roof. This also aids loading and unloading since it is difficult to get large equipment inside an enclosed trailer. A drop deck can be loaded with a crane or forklift, whichever is safer and the most convenient.

A Lower Deck Means More Height Clearance

If you need to transport heavy machinery or other freight that is taller than usual, you might have to get permits first. You might even be limited on the routes the truck can take if there are overpasses and other obstructions that are too low. One solution for this problem is to hire a drop deck trailer and load the tall items on the back so they are lower to the ground. The space you save could provide the clearance needed to avoid the need for permits and to ensure the trailer will pass easily under bridges and overpasses. Although only part of the deck is lowered, it is longer than the upper level, so you have plenty of room for distributing the weight properly and getting a large piece of equipment on board.

A Drop Deck Trailer Can Haul Equipment Other Trailers Can't

Because of the trailer's unique design, a drop deck is perfect for hauling equipment that won't fit in an enclosed trailer or that is too large for a flatbed. That makes a drop deck the first choice when you have large and heavy loads. If you're unsure of the type of trailer you need to hire, take measurements of the equipment you want to move so the trucking service can help you select the right choice. You want a truck that offers the best protection of your freight while in transit and that can accommodate its weight and size.

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