2 Reasons To Use Grinding Oil While Using Your Flap Disc To Finish Aluminum

Posted on: 14 May 2018

If you plan on finishing the aluminum for your current machining project using a flap disc, you may wonder if there is anything you should do to prepare the metal to ensure good results. If so, consider the following reasons for applying a grinding oil to the metal before and while you are using the flap disc.

Prevents Gouges in the Metal

If you try to use your flap disc to grind aluminum to create a smooth finish without any lubrication, you risk creating gouges in the metal. If one of the flaps in the disc sticks or catches on the surface, the disc may stall and create multiple rotations in one area, creating a gouge that could ruin your project.

However, if you apply a grinding oil to the surface first, the flaps on the disc will smoothly rotate over the metal. This layer of lubrication keeps the flaps from sticking and helps reduce the risk of damage to the aluminum.

Keeps the Aluminum from Melting

Sticking flaps are not the only issue that could be created without using a grinding lubrication oil. As the metal flaps rotate at high revolutions, the friction between them and the aluminum creates a lot of heat.

Since aluminum has a low melting point, the aluminum can become soft and start to warp. If the friction continues, holes may form in the metal and ruin not only the finish on your machining project but also impair its overall integrity.

If you apply a grinding oil while using the flap disc on the aluminum, the oil absorbs the heat and dissipates it. This dissipation keeps the metal cooler and reduces the chance that the aluminum will melt while you are grinding it.

However, one application when you start using the flap disc is not enough to ensure enough lubrication to keep the aluminum cool. While you are grinding the metal, pay attention to the amount of oil on the metal as you perform the task. If you notice the aluminum is becoming dry, apply more of the oil to keep the metal covered.

Applying grinding oil to your aluminum before and during the grinding process can help you create a smoother, more even surface, as well as make your machining project easier. If you are uncertain as to which grinding oil works best with your equipment, speak with a representative from your industrial and manufacturing supplier for further information and advice.


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